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Total Destruction 9 DVD Set

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The Future Of Self Defense Has Arrived.
There is not a day goes by without more violent attacks making the news… and this is a drop in the ocean compared to the actual numbers. Never before have good people like us been so at risk.

Pressure Point Training With Russell Stutely 12 DVD Set

Shaping Your Future In Martial Arts & Self Defense
Today you are about to start a journey that will transform everything you do within the Martial Arts. I am going to take you on a step-by-step training regime – designed with one thing in mind. To make you an unstoppable force!

Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

How The Release Of This Incredible Striking System Allows You To Take Out Almost Any Street Opponent, Bully Or Mugger, With Just One Simple Strike!

Power Black 6 DVD Set

The Ultimate In Power Generation Imagine Having True Knockout Power With Every Weapon In Your Body! Now You Can With These Power Black Secrets!

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

“Black Magic” Pressure Points that will devastate every opponent, every time.

5 Second Massacre 6 DVD Set

Packed Full Of Bad, Mad, Low Down And Dirty Techniques Previously ONLY SHOWN To Government Controlled Forces.

Gaia Fighting System 8 DVD Set

The Gaia Fighting System New Breakthrough BLOWS TO BITS The World Of Self - Protection And Street Fighting.....

Warriors Union 8 DVD Set

“How To Fight” Secrets Of The World’s Most Elite Warrior’s!