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pressure point training with russell stutely - 12 dvd set

Hi My Friend

Today you are  about to start a journey that will transform everything you do within the Martial Arts.

I am going to take you on a step-by-step training regime – designed with one thing in mind.

To make you an unstoppable force!

Imagine this

At the start of your journey, you have no idea just how good you can be, how lethal your techniques can be, how massively hard you can strike.

After just an hour or so of training with me, you begin to realise what a mountain you are about climb.

You also fully understand that climbing this mountain is going to be far easier and 10 x Faster, than you could ever have imagined.

It will be as close as having me there with you, as you can possibly get.

This is YOUR OWN PERSONAL ONE-TO-ONE learning and training experience.

I will be with you, every step of the way, with all the information you need to keep taking your skills to new levels – each and every time you train.

a new and improved you

I want you to take the time to truly absorb this piece of information to make sure that we are on the same page here, so as to speak.

Think about this for a moment.

In just a few weeks time, after you have started learning alongside me, you would be able to destroy the former you.

Whatever level you are at right now will pale into insignificance compared to the level you will achieve with me.

  • You will be faster
  • You will be stronger
  • You will hit MUCH harder
  • You will understand and be able to apply Pressure Points on anyone
  • You will be able to fight in all ranges (yes including the ground)
  • You will truly understand how all techniques work and improve them
  • You will have total confidence of your actual ability

This is truly a life changing and pivotal moment, not only in your Martial Arts career, but in your life too.

The confidence that oozes from your every pore, tempered with the true humility of a Martial Artist has to be felt to be believed.

You will be totally secure in the knowledge that you possess skills like no other.

what people are saying

The quality of instruction (as always from Russell) is the best you will ever get. Add in the quality of the videography and it's INCREDIBLE. BUY this DVD Set now
Mike Zawadski
MMA Fighter and Film Director
The layout and format of this new DVD Set is great. The quality is FANTASTIC. I watched 5 DVDs before I realised how much time had passed, it is that absorbing.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach
I always know to expect the best in terms of instruction from Russell and am never disappointed. This new DVD Set has taken instruction and quality to completely new levels.
John Gaynor
OCFM International Coach
As a former multiple Champion and training partner of Russell for many years I can personally attest to his amazing abilities. This new DVD Set proves what I have been saying - HE IS THE BEST!
Leigh Childs
MA, Business Coach

the modules

As this DVD Set is unlike anything else out there, we had to take a tremendous amount of time ensuring that we present this information in the best way possible.

This means that you can add to what you currently know, add to what you have been learning and to what you learn next – every single time.

We also had to take into account the fact that you needed an easy reference point – so that you could quickly find your answer.

To achieve this, we split the training into Main Modules, some of which are extremely specific and several DVDs long.

What I Look For

This is your constant companion, along with the Drill Modules. You need to always refer back here after each and every Module to ensure that you fully understand HOW to put everything together.

How To Kill

We thought long and hard about this section and after taking legal advice, we are allowed to include it. Unfortunately in this day and age, this has now become need to know information.

Drills - Techniques

These techniques are designed to be not only crippling, but also to give you a ton of options for adding Points and Players to make them even more dangerous.

Vicious Takedowns

If you are going to do a takedown, it might as well be a good one. These takedowns, more often than not, are fight enders of the highest order.

Drills - Balance

These drills are your constant refer back to DVDs. Packed with information built in layers of understanding. The more you learn, then the more you will see in each drill.

Ground Fighting

This should really be called the Art of Ground Fighting without Ground Fighting. This has nothing to do with Sport. This is all about Self Defense and winning.

Pressure Points Torso, Head & Neck

A guided tour of my best Pressure Points and how they work. Plus you will also learn many Pressure Point Knokouts on this DVD.

Pressure Points Limbs

A guided tour of my best Pressure Points and how they work. Combine with DVD for a complete map of the best Points.

Take The Balance

The foundation of all your Martial Arts and Self Defense can be found here. To truly be able to fight and defend yourself, you need to know this subject inside out.

Make Techniques Better

These are the "secrets" as to how techniques work. Most importantly, you can break down any technique and re-build it to be MUCH more effective.

Hit Like A Mule 1

Quite simply, this section will get you hitting that hard that it will actually be frightening for your training partners. Most people will DOUBLE their power - or more!

Hit Like A Mule 2

Quite simply, this section will get you hitting that hard that it will actually be frightening for your training partners. Most people will DOUBLE their power - or more!

PLUS these bonuses

For the first 50 customers only…

For Digital Download only. 

A train along as we  complete our regular daily Boxing session.

See if you can keep up as we do 15 rounds.

Fitness Training

How To Beat The Big Guy

For Digital Download only. 

The FULL 3 DVD Set featuring BJJ 3rd Dan Fernando Salvador and Russell Stutely.

See the addition of Pressure Points and Players to GREATLY ENHANCE BJJ SD Techniques.

Value $127.00

That is 16 DVD's of Pure Pressure Point Fighting Magic

another level

It is a well known fact that I am constantly striving to provide not only the best information for you, but also to present it in the best format.

Professional Film Crew

To be frank, we have taken filming quality to a new level.

We hired the best film crew in Town to shoot and edit every single aspect of this journey.

The end result is a multiple camera angled masterpiece.

We are proud to say that you are getting the BEST information and the BEST quality available.

In the studio or the gym

Another aspect of our quest to provide the very best learning environment for you, is to take some of the lessons to the Studio and some to the Gym

This has resulted in the BEST POSSIBLE method of learning from DVD.

When you need to see “action” we head off to the Gym, when you need precise explanation, we shoot back to the Studio.

We really have thought of everything!

What you will receive

Pressure Point Training With Russell Stutely

12 DVD Set and Bonuses
  • ALL DVD's in Digital Format
  • All Bonuses in Digital Format
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all your downloads


You will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the Digital Downloads after payment – even at 4am!

Frequently Asked Questions


It has been designed with you in mind.

It is ALL you could need to move from beginner to advanced – extremely quickly.

They are available IMMEDIATELY after purchase in your elite Customer area.

You have unlimited access and unlimited downloads. Very handy if you change computer or lose existing.

That’s great – well done. The fact that you have a Black Belt shows that you are a determined individual who is open to learning. 

In that case, you will have more to gain than anyone from this DVD Set.

Absolutely YES!

You will be faster, hit harder, know where to hit for a start.

Plus… your locks will be crippling, you will have better movement and defense.

YES of course.

Listen up – there is SO MUCH information on here, that even International Coaches are getting a ton of information from this Set.