Learn How YOU Can Become A Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Instructor

And Teach Locally, Nationally And Even Internationally

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Required Learning at nearly 100 Police Academies and serving over 30,000 Officers Per Year!

Learn The Hand-To-Hand Fighting System Which Is Currently Being Taught To Law Enforcement Officers In 4 Continents In Their Own Training Bases.

Now You Too Can Learn This Ultra-Effective Street Fighting System 
In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

The only way (until now) to learn this ground-breaking ‘system’ I’m writing to you about today would be to have qualified as an accredited individual…

In short, unless you are an American law enforcement or other ‘operative’, you wouldn’t have been able to access this hand-to-hand fighting system.

In fact, that’s why I’m writing to you today – with news of a ground-breaking new ‘system’ that’s being used right now by Law Enforcement officers and other operatives, all over the World.

And if I’m right about you – if you’re the kind of person I think you are – then you too will want to learn all about what this ‘system’ can do for you – how it can give you some of the most effective street-skills on the planet…and how you can start using it within just days from now.

So grab yourself a hot drink…sit down a while…and
let me fill you in on exactly what’s been happening…

Some time ago I was asked by some of the American operations to devise for them a powerful, quick-and-easy-to-learn hand-to-hand fighting system…

…something that they could train their own operatives with – and quickly to boot.

The ‘conditions’ if you like were simple: it had to be easy to use.

That was rule ‘numero uno’ if you like.

It also had to be something they could pick up in a few days.

And it had to be something which was more powerful than any other fighting system out there today.

For the last 5 Years or so, this ‘system’ that I have been teaching to the USA’s best has been kept a near secret.

It’s ONLY been available to the appropriate and correctly identified ‘individuals’ who would use it correctly and responsibly.

Everyone else (i.e. the public) has NOT been allowed any kind of access.

Simply called PPDT this ‘system’ has only been available to forces or other qualified individuals.

Now, before we carry on here, it’s important that I give you some PROOF that this ‘system’ is real…that it IS actually being used by current operatives in the States.

Yeah…I’m aware there’s a whole heap of crapola on the Web, being trotted out as the ‘next-big-thing’ when it comes to fighting, and that it’s used by some sort of ‘force’.

Well, as you may know yourself, most of that is frankly pure hogwash.

So it’s important that I show you that this material that I have been teaching is THE REAL DEAL.

What People Are Saying

Now, let me tell you the KEY point about this fighting system that I have designed for the American operatives: they intentionally asked for it to be designed to be used under THE most stressful conditions.

And that’s exactly how it’s being used currently – under highly-stressful conditions.

Top-tier officers are using it right now under these ‘conditions’ and if it’s good enough for them – then I’m sure you’ll agree that you’ll be able to use it very effectively under the relatively ‘normal’ conditions we all have to face when up against street thugs and bullies on the proverbial ‘mean streets’.

OK, so let me tell you exactly what this ‘hand to hand’ system being taught to these top guys is all about…

I have been teaching these ‘operatives’ five key modules. I start with module one and slowly and surely take my ‘clients’ through every step of the training process, leaving nothing out.

No stone is left un-turned.

Even rank beginners are catered for.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in, if you’ve had previous training, or whether you’re strong and flexible.

We all know about the cliche of Donut eating out of shape Cops right?

Well, even the most unfit Officer / Operative / Individual is catered for.

By the way – The Cops I have met are not donut eating fatties – they are courageous and CONTINUOUSLY risking their own lives to make this a safer and better World.

See, the beauty of this new training system is that anyone can start applying and using it.

Regardless of size or strength, it will enable you to take out big, burly street attackers at will (I suppose that’s why the ‘big boys’ are just loving this and why I am teaching it to their best men).

Now, as I’ve mentioned, the whole time this ‘system’ has only been taught ‘live’ to pre-qualified and selectedcandidates.

But here’s what I have done…

I got in the Studio and filmed EVERY last drop of information that is being taught at these ”closed door training sessions”.

I have filmed for you, EVERY Module, technique by technique, with a full and detailed explanation of EXACTLY how to apply it.

This is the same DETAILED information as all the Cops, Security and Military Operatives receive.

The content will blow you away.

You’ll see everything fully integrated into a step-by-step ‘system’.

Get ready to have your self-defense World rocked forever…

OK, here’s a sample of what you’re going to learn throughout this INCREDIBLE Online Training Course.

By the way – the really exciting thing you NEED to know here: there are just ELEVEN strikes and just EIGHT pressure points that PPDT is based around!…and that means this is super easy to learn, remember and then use ‘for real’ on the streets.

I mean, come on! Just eleven strikes complete the system…along with eight easy-to-use pressure points.

No wonder the ‘big boys’ are loving this stuff!

They’re positively eating it up! And no wonder…when their top operatives can learn this stuff in a few hours, and then be ready to bash down the bad-guys with ease, then you and I both can see why they’re so into this, and seeing to it that as many of their guys as possible lap this up.

But all this did NOT come cheap…!

OK, so I’ve told you about the plus points about this system here today.

But there’s a downside too…

See, I usually charge $2000.00 PER DAY to learn the PPDT system.

And the top American operatives and other qualified personnel have been only too happy to pay this kind of money.

But today – I am going to cut you the deal of a lifetime.

Over the last few Months I got my whole technical and training teams together and we ”brainstormed” for days about the BEST way to bring you this material, in an easy to learn and easy to apply manner.

We came up with a simple, yet brilliant idea.

What we have done: cut down all the fluff, the ‘chats’ between’ techniques and such like – and stripped it all down to the real MEAT.

The result is an ONLINE Training course that teaches you the EXACT methods utilised by Police, Security and Military Operatives all over the World.

And at a price which will astonish you…

You see, you won’t pay anything like my ‘one-on-one’ prices which I currently charge the ‘authorities’.

Far from it. You won’t pay anything like $2000.00 A DAY in fact…you won’t even pay half that! More on the CRAZY Pricing I have come up with later!

Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of completing the PPDT Online Course:

Course Levels

Over the last 20 or so years we have fine tuned this Course into 3 Parts:

  • Local
  • National
  • International

So, let’s take a closer look at what that means for you.

A Local Instructor is qualified to teach this material to Police, Security, Joe Public etc within their local area. This makes it an ideal course for School Owners.

A National Instructor is qualified to teach this material to Police, Security, Joe Public etc within their whole Country. PLUS they are qualified to Certify and Licence Local Instructors.

This is an ideal choice for Security Companies, Door Staff Companies etc.

An International Instructor is qualified to teach all of this material Worldwide and to Certify up to National Level.

Each level contains more and more information and the testing procedure is more and more detailed.

These are NOT  simple 4 hour quick fix.

They are detailed and comprehensively put together courses that are accepted by Law Enforcement Agencies, Security and Military all over the World.

This a truly stunning opportunity for the right person.

What You Will Receive

Full and IMMEDIATE access to the FULL PPDT International Course.

This means that you will have 3 stages of development:

  • Local Instructor
  • National Instructor
  • International Instructor

You can take the lessons in any order you wish and are free to move from lesson to lesson. However, we strongly recommend that you follow them in the EXACT order shown – as they are shown that way for a reason!

Once you have completed the course and your assignments, you will receive your Certification.

You will also have full access to all the PPDT Paperwork.

This means you have the full syllabus and assessment sheets at your current level.

Ideal for when you start your own PPDT Courses. Simply print off more copies.


  • Full and Immediate Access
  • Certified to teach locally upon completion
  • Certified to teach Nationally upon completion
  • Certified to teach Internationally upon completion
  • Able to certify Local and National Instructors
  • PPDT Local Level paperwork
  • PPDT National Level paperwork
  • PPDT International Level paperwork